World War 2

The information for these presentations comes from a series of informational booklets published by His Majesty’s Stationary Office in the 1940’s. This is one of a number of books that were bought by Peter Squibbs father during WW2. They were sold [usually for 6d or 1s] to keep people informed of various theatres of war and as a boost to morale.
These books have now been donated to the Imperial War Museum archives and other organisations.

World War 2

HMSO Booklets

Title (Download Total)

File Type

The Battle of Britain [Military] (801) Pdf
His Majesty's Minesweepers [Military] (2006) Pdf
The Post Office went to War [Home] (724) Pdf
There's Freedom in the Air [Military] (1602) Pdf
Air Sea Rescue [Military] (2022) Pdf
Build the Ships [The Home Front] (1227) Pdf
The Air Battle for Malta [Military] (2328) Pdf
Arctic War [The Military Campaign] (611) Pdf