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5 thoughts on “forum

  1. SPUD

    ....just in from the desert, lost my water bottle (empty anyway, MY CAMEL ATE IT), lost my compass (HE SPIT IT OUT), I'm very very poorly - on my last legs (actually the only legs I own (My camel nearly eat them (HE DID NOT GET A PROPER HOLD OF THE FIRST LEG)-
    But where is the feic-ing FORUM?

    Travelled across the desert of ... time to get a 'drink' at the FORUM !
    No Oasis, No Forum wish I was back in Rome!
    p.s. can still e-mail thru' my camels hump (secret 909 radar)!
    n.b. Camel also out of water hence my demise.

    Why do 'they' call the Camel "The Ship of the Desert" ?

    ...... because it is full of Arab Seamen !

  2. SPUD

    Going back out into the desert - hoping to find a dessert (?too much to expect ? well a sherry trifle with fresh cream would be a good .... this my 36th day and my feckin ball-point is failing badly - have discovered an unbelievable and amazing

  3. SPUD

    GODor Allah only knows how I ended up here in this etherial place - 'tink in my attempt to get to the FORUM i googled and googled and gained access to this site without it being mainstream. I now believe I have created a mini-forum in cyberspace never to be viewed, never to be real - and never to have my input again. ..... another world maybe ..'bye

  4. SPUD

    Aaaaah - all to no avail - the diet of locusts withered - I died after the last full moon of 2025.

    Wonder where or even whence, I AM !


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