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About Us


An Association For Retired Meteorological Observers

Founded 2005

member of fnf

MISSION STATEMENT:- To keep the Meteorological Observers Branch alive and to foster good relations with members young and old. To establish and promote links with other Fleet Air Arm Branches.


To keep members informed of future developments.

To establish links and foster good relations with the Royal Navy, particularly the Fleet Air Arm.

To bring together members old and new through reunions and visits.

To have an overview of regional/area cells as they are

established, to coordinate and guide them.

To establish links with a Naval Charity or Charities and to raise funds for them.

To provide information to all members via our website.

Membership is open to all retired meteorological observers and metocs, both in the UK and overseas. Ex Forecasters and those still serving will be welcomed as Associate Members.?

Cloud Observers was formed in 2005 after two retired Met Chiefs had been down memory lane whilst enjoying a meal and glass or two of wine. Having produced a long list of “I wonder what happened to…?” they decided to do some searching and got in touch with all the people they had found. All those contacted seemed to think that an Association would be a good idea and so Cloud Observers was born.

The Association tries to be as pro-active as possible, with a reunion every three years, organised trips to venues of interest and a thriving website. In 2006 the Cloud Observers Award, in the shape of a weather station, was provided for the new school in Plymouth. This is awarded annually to the Met trainee who has achieved the highest marks over the previous year.

Current membership is over 200 and we are always ready to welcome new members aboard. It is felt that the Association offers it’s members the opportunity to keep in touch and remember the good old days before meteorology and oceanography became so automated, and to keep alive the memories of the old branch before it disappears into obscurity.

As our motto says

Observe Everything—Judge Nothing

Cloud Observers is a site dedicated to renewing and maintaining friendships; and indeed to making new friends amongst ex serving members of the Royal Navy Meteorological Branch in all its guises, from the 1940’s to the Millenium and beyond.  The web site came about, along with the eventual founding of the Association, after contact was first made through web site between Arthur Charles and Colin Brenchley in early 2004.  Both served for 22 years and retired as CPOA(Met) in the mid and late 1980’s. Full details of how Cloud Observers evolved and the Team responsible are detailed in Cloud Observers Team on the site.

We have records of around 1,500 names who served in the branch from its inception to 1990 and further – if you know of any names we might not have please let us know and/or pass on the site address to them.

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