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Fly Navy Federation

Fly Navy Federation

The Fly Navy Federation was set up as an umbrella organisation enabling all the Fleet Air Arm Associations to maintain a common contact point with each other and to pull together when appropriate. With the amalgam of all the Associations there is a wealth of knowledge and experience which could be of use in helping and supporting those currently serving; encouraging them to face, what could be very radical changes, over the next few years.

Although the FNF has brought all the FAA Associations together, it is a very loose alliance allowing the individual groups to retain their autonomy. The aim of the Federation is to assist in promoting significant anniversaries and celebrations and to assist those currently serving to promote the Fleet Air Arm in all its facets and to ensure that it maintains a profile that is to the forefront of public awareness over the next few crucial years of service in the Royal Navy.

A secondary aim is to promote the individual associations, some of whom help to keep ‘dead’ branches alive and prevent them from disappearing onto oblivion; others are still functioning but sadly their very existence may come into question. Many individual associations maintain links with those currently serving and the Federation will support, where possible, any campaigns involving the retention and viability of any part or former part of the FAA.

The Federation march as a body each Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph, following this with their own Service of Remembrance at the FAA Memorial on the Embankment. They are also responsible, as a group, for instigating the placing of plaques around the FAA Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum. In addition the FNF had considerable input into the 2009 celebration to commemorate 100 years of naval aviation under the banner of Fly Navy 100. Cloud Observers joined the Federation in 2009 and allied themselves to the following organisations –

  • Fleet Air Arm Association
  • Channel Dash Association
  • Fly Navy Heritage Trust
  • FAA Buccaneer Association
  • Aircraft Handlers’ Association
  • Armourers’ Association
  • Safety Equipment and Survival Association
  • Fulmar Association
  • Royal Navy Photographers’ Association
  • FAA Officers’ Association
  • FAA Field Gun Association
  • Sea Harriers Association
  • Aircrewmens’ Association
  • Junglies Association

Sadly the Telegraphist Air Gunners’ Association disbanded in October 2010 due to limited numbers and the age of the few that are left. If you would like further information on the above associations please follow the links on our web site.



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