Although the Women’s Royal Naval Service was in existence during the First World War, there was not a Met Wrens category. No Met Branch – no Met Wrens! Disbanded at the end of the war and reformed at the beginning of WW2 it was not until the end of 1941 that it became evident that without Met Wrens, the Met Ratings were going to have to spread themselves pretty thin to cover all the jobs ashore and afloat. Leave would certainly have been out of the question and going sick would have been in the ‘too difficult’ box! With all this in mind the Met Wrens category was born and has never looked back. Disbanded for about 12 months in late 1944; ‘Their Lordships’ realised this was a mistake and started recruiting again in 1945 and continued until 1993 when the WRNS was disbanded. Like the rates, whose singular province was going to sea, until 1990, the wrens had jobs and drafts peculiar to them. This section will bring these and others to the fore.



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Wrens at Donibristle preparing to track a Pilot balloon using an optical theodolite.

Margaret Bullock, Edna Warren nee Horton (behind theodolite)and “Mac”.

Hal Far Bunnies – This picture circa 1965 was sent in by Ruth Beach. But who were they?

Hal Far – This picture was sent in by Ruth Beach of her friends Anne Whalley, Chris Stamp, Jill Sutcliffe and Ann Edmonds. Picture taken circa 1965.
Mini reunion on 25 April 2009 at the National Memorial Arboretum. The picture shows ex Wrens (LtoR) Jean Brenchley (Met Observer), Gill Charles (Communicator) and Mairi Squibb (Telephonist). The link between them is that they are all married to ex Met Ratings and all served at Northwood at various times.

Culdrose in the 1960’s

The four photographs above are of Jenny Key nee Stallard when she worked in the tower at Culdrose.

Back Row: Maureen Harty,Jill Sutcliffe,Jennifer Stallard,Maureen Martin,Valerie Dyer,Jennifer Warren,Jane Rintoul,Jeanette Lucas. Front Row: Valerie Best,Alan Maclean, PO James Warren, Commander Dick Fotheringham, Lt Cdr Peter Crooks, Charles Jones, Christopher Goodband,Kathleen Dover.