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The Met Branch was one a group of four branches within the Fleet Air Arm that were grouped under the trade title of NAVAL AIRMAN. The other trades within this group were the Aircraft Handlers, Safety Equipment and Photographic branches. Often members of these branches were billeted together in messes ashore or afloat. In 2009 Cloud Observers became a member of the Fly Navy Federation and it is these members who are listed below.

Royal Navy Website

In case you haven’t seen it, the Royal Navy Website has had a makeover. You can see all the latest news which newspapers do not necessarily publish.
Hold your curser over any of the six categories at the top of the page to see what is available.

Under News and Events
Amongst other things, you can find the latest on-line editions of

  • Royal Navy Matters (formerly Broadsheet)
  • Global Force (a new edition will be published later this year)
  • Maritime Reservist

You will find the link further down our Links page, alternately click on the badge below:

Fly Navy Federation Members:

 Fly Navy Federation
Navy Wings logo FC
Fleet Air Arm Channel Dash Navy Wings
FAA Buccaneer Aircraft Handlers Aircraft Armourers
Safety Equipment Fulmar Photographers
FAA Officers FAA Field Gun Sea Harrier
Aircrewmans TAG  Junglies Association



European and UK

5 day forecasts

Weather Forecasts to

your requirements.

FAA Museum Association of WRNS MOD RN
Dundee Satellite Ocean Weather Ships Service Pals
Great Weather Aircraft Carrier Alliance Weather Shop
Royal Met Society Coastlands Local History The Weather Club
St Bartholomew's Church RN Research Archive  Weather Charts
Where Our
Nation Remembers

Cloud Observers:

 David Strike - Australia  Colin Brenchley - Yorkshire

Sub-Aqua and Diving specialist information provided by an ex Met Observer. A handy site if you are still young enough and fit enough to do this sport or else I'm sure that references of suitable watering holes could be provided should you ever be on holiday down-under. Photographs from around the world by Colin Brenchley