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At Sea

At Sea

All at Sea?

Here you will find a selection of photographs depicting Met life at sea.

There are several albums that contain more photographs devoted to life at sea. If you have photographs that you think would add to our collection or fill in a missing activity then click Here select Webmaster.

HMS Eagle at sea during the early 60's
The photograph above is of HMS Intrepid, out of the water, whilst in Singapore in the 1960's.

Peter Claridge (ex PO Met 1949 - 59) wonders if anyone has pictures or information regarding the Met services which were provided on the very early RN carriers similar to HMS Argos and Eagle which were converted merchantmen. Peter further describes the team on the Light Fleet carrier, HMS Theseus in 1952-54 which had just 2 Met ratings plus 2 officers. The routine was quite hard being 24 on then turn to in the the forenoon to help the other guy with a pilot balloon. Any information on the type of Met support to aviation at sea during this era would make for interesting reading on the site

A life on the ocean wave!!! A bit of a swell 180 miles off the French coast on 01 November 1959