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Met School – Culdrose

Met School - Culdrose

Culdrose from the air.
Pilot balloon tracking using a theodolite

The Staff



Full Muster of Met School staff and students on course. Cdr Mike Lilly was the OIC at the time - 1975.

Some of those featured are: R.L. Manning, M.R. Ward, CA Robertson, Lt Smith, Lt Cdr Brierly, Collis (Ginge) Barker, John Oughton, Des Richards, S.P. Taylor, Lt Rumball, Liz Deley, John Notley, Colin Brenchley, Barry Wilkinson, R.F. Young, Rae Doe, Dal Brown, Lt Cdr Tony Moran, Lt Cdr Steve Fisher.

Met School Staff get ready to have a group photograph taken!

Met School Instructor Staff 1984.

Back - Jim Simpson, John Williams, ?, Graham Slade, Liz Deley, John Woolgar, Steve Mayger (Writer)

Front - Collis (Ginge) Barker, Lt Mike Mike Channon, Cdr John Hartley, Lt Cdr Steve Fryer, Lt Cdr Mike Moult.


Met Course 1/65

Back - Ian Plackett, Anthony Lander, Colin Brenchley, Ioan Evans, Archie Traquair

Front - Marie Isles, Jacqueline Boyce, Lt Cdr Ken Cropper, Cdr William Evans, Collis Barker, Elizabeth Milan, Gwyneth Williams

CPO Forecasters Course

Back - Ian Pickering, Simon Truscott, Paul Hulford, Hayley Pownall

Front - Lt Cdr Martin Sauze, Lt Cdr Paul Monger, Lt Cdr Will Corbet, Cdr Andy Robinson, Lt Cdr Wendy Wheatley, WO John Notley

Met Course 3/64

Back - Susan Le Poidevin, Christine Hewitt, Sally Rawlingson, Sally Livesey, Katherine Wiggins, Joyce Porritt, Jean Gregory

Front - Jo Quick, Rosy Locke, Lt Cdr Ken Cropper, Cdr William Evans, PO John Burden, Helen White, Susan Langford

Britsh Summer

September 2016 Porthleven


Colin and Jean Brenchley had another week in Porthleven at the end of September.

Wind on first two days was gusting force 9 – then the sun came out.

Note – The Met School is no longer – it has been demolished!