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Runs Ashore

Everyone went on runs ashore, be it at home or overseas.  Some became form favourites and others were NEVER to be repeated experiences.  It is true to say that most would include at least one hostelry, pub or watering hole where light refreshment (usually liquid) could be purchased!  If you have a tale to tell with the odd picture or two and would like to include it in this section please contact the secretary.  This need not preclude the ladies – after all, it was still possible to have a good run ashore from a stone frigate!

The first image is one of the Barrakka Lift at Malta. Every run ashore in Malta would have included a ride on the lift from the dockside up to the Barrakka Gardens to get quickly into Valletta. The lift was built in 1905 and operated until 1973 eventually being dismantled in 1983. To take a ride in this lift was an experience to say the least - the original "white knuckle ride" that existed long before Alton Towers!

Our picture has been provided by Ian Plackett

Barrakka Lift


Cirrus cloud from the lighthouse at the Lizard Porthleven Harbour with "The Ship" inn Admiral Benbow pub in Penzance

Far East

Singapore Waterfront 1967 Back streets of Hong Kong in the 60's Back streets of Singapore 1967
Mombasa with the Tusks on main street 1967

Photo C Brenchley
Table Mountain, Cape Town SA 1968 Penang, Malaysia 1968

Photo C Brenchley


Ark Royal alongside in Naples 1977 Ark Royal off Gibraltar - 1976 Hermes leaves Grand Harbour, Malta


Disneyland, Florida 1976. Photo G Slade HMS Ark Royal in Norfolk VA 1975