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Met School – Devonport

Met School - Devonport

By the time the latest school was established in Devonport Dockyard most of our members had long left the service, and, it is true to say that nobody has served at all four schools. Some, at a push, may have served at three but two would be more likely.

As an Association we maintain strong links with the newest Met School and try to support those serving today in some small way. We have presented the School with the Cloud Observers Trophy; awarded on a annual or near annual basis to the top student of the year retrospectively.

Recommended by the School, in 2007 the Cloud Observers trophy was awarded to AB(HM) Grace Jones. She received the award from Commodore Charles Stevenson, NROSNI, in the library at the School, witnessed by Gill Charles and John Williams along with others on courses at the time.

Visit to the Met School Devonport 2008

Return to the Classroom. Blackboard and Chalk gave way to OHP & Viewgraphs which nowadays is Windows XP & Powerpoint!

Arthur Charles, Monica Malpass, Doreen Hemming, Jean Brenchley, Peter Squibb

The Cloud Observer Wrens, Doreen Hemming, Jean Brenchley and Monica Malpass

The Cloud Observer Met Ratings, Arthur Charles, Colin Brenchley, John Notley, Peter Squibb

A tour of the facility with time to appreciate a photograph of the Met School as it used to be at RNAS Culdrose

If any other Cloud Observers have photographs taken at Devonport, that they would like to share, then please forward for inclusion on the site. Click Here select Webmaster.