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Fleet Air Arm

The Fleet Air Arm and the Met Branch

Although the meteorological and oceanographic assets of the RN no longer come under the umbrella of the FAA, it is still necessary to maintain a close working relationship between the two, ensuring the efficient operation of naval aircraft and the safety of those involved in flying and supporting that operation. The civilian met service has always been quick to point out that they are able to supply a more than adequate weather service to the Fleet both ashore and afloat. Once naval aircraft were introduced just prior to World War One it became apparent that there was a very real need for naval meteorologists and they have survived in one guise or another ever since. It is, at this time crucial that we should support the Fleet Air Arm and its ever decreasing assets as it fights for its own survival.

As a team we would like to make members aware that the very existence of the FAA and the jobs of all those personnel who work in the air arm are very much in danger. The situation is very far from a done deal, with the government currently questioning its own Strategic Defence Review (SDSR) and how they reached the decisions publicised to date. If you agree that the FAA is a cause worth fighting for; there is still the time and opportunity for you to make a difference.

Below and to the right you will find links to a number of web sites that have sprung up in defence of the FAA. As well as providing compelling reasons why the FAA should remain, you will also find a host of interesting articles giving more information about a service we all worked in, than probably, we knew at the time. You will also find out what you can do to help.

Cloud Observers, both the association and the web site are not political. The opinions expressed here are the personal ones of the Chair backed by the Team. We feel that dedicating one page of the site to the Fleet Air Arm is reasonable in these, what could be devastating circumstances.

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