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Without people there would never have been a Met Branch. Inevitably over time many new friendships are forged and it is equally inevitable that as many of these friendships break down for many reasons. In this section there are pictures of people carrying out the many met. jobs at sea and ashore, enjoying off watch time or giving us an insight into what they do now and where they are.

If there is someone you would like to get in contact with; to renew an old acquaintanceship, let the secretary know. She will do her best to bring people together, providing both parties are in accord, and that we are in contact. It is possible to trace people but please be patient; this does take time and is not always successful. No contact details are revealed to a third party without consent.

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Ireland June 2010 - Liz Deley nee Wharton & Ann Curran nee Gwilliam met up again after .......... years when then last bumped into each other in Elgin while Ann was at Lossiemouth. Liz and Ann had worked together in the Met Office at Culdrose in 1969. Ann left "Lossie" when it closed and then left the wrens from Daedalus as a L/Wren in 1973

Ex Metoc's in Action Today

These photographs were sent to us by ex METOC Dal Brown, who now works for the Met Office and has just returned from seven months in the Falkland Islands working in the Met Office at Mount Pleasant Airfield. Until age caught up with him, Dal was also a member of the Mobile Met Unit (MMU). The MMU provide met support to the forces in operational areas abroad. To be a member of the Unit a person needs to be employed by the Met Office and become a reservist with the RAF, completing all RAF courses and training before being deployed. Most MMU work is at various Met Offices around the UK with deployment overseas on a part time basis. The MMU has seven ex RN personnel working in the Unit and five of them are ex METOC’s.

The first photograph was taken in 2009 at Camp Bastion and shows another ex METOC, Nev Townsend on the left with Dal on the right. The equipment immediately behind and in front is a Vaisla TacMet Tactical Meteorological Observation System and the met office is the right hand tent.

The second photograph was taken in Kabul in 2002. Dal is on the left and pictured with the local met men and another UK Met Office employee.